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  • Luca Rinaldi, 31
    La Sicilia, Italy
  • Phillip, 35
    Miami, USA
  • Kristina, 32
    Berlin, Germany
  • Diana María , 33
    Dos Quebradas, Colombia
  • Sofia, 32
    Mariupol', Ukraine
  • Beca, 32
    Caracas, Venezuela


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Dustin Kruz, New York , USA

When I first joined YourTravelMates I was overwhelmed by the amount of people I could chat with. It’s really about choices and on the site they're unlimited! Before I did not know how to find a travel buddy online, but now I have numbers of plans.

Kerry Anne Maria, Milwaukee , USA

How to find a romantic companion for your trip? I always asked myself that question and had a problem picking the right person to travel with. When you get only one break a year you always want to make it unforgettable. I thought that I won’t be able to find right companion or buddy but after I joined the site, I was surprised at how many gorgeous people are there. So my trip to Miami with my beautiful mate was awesome!

Ronald Almond, Phoenix , USA

I will definitely recommend this site to all of my friends, who are looking for hot and sassy travel companion sites. I met the perfect buddy, who became the love of my life here!

Valy, Paphos, Cyprus

I spent the last couple of months travelling the world with Masha, my wife. We met on this site and hit it off immediately - we started driving through Thailand together. I couldn’t recommend this site more to anyone looking to either meet locals or connect with single travelers. It is a perfect spot to find dating travel companions for singles.

Oumaima, Casablanca, Morocco

Traveling and meeting locals is just my thing so when I found this site, I was just so ecstatic! I got travel tips and advice and made some solid mates along the way.

Mare, Belgrade, Belgrade

When my friend said I could look for a travel buddy for all my trips, I thought he was kidding. But then I found this travel dating site and everything made sense — travel mates, romantic companions, however you want to call them - there’s a person out there for you to trip together with if you don’t want to be spend time alone.

Oniyechi, Abeokuta, Nigeria

The site created a really cool platform for locals, where people can connect and exchange ideas, tips and meet friends and date. There’s nothing cooler than sharing a trip experience like this with mates, with someone who gets it.

Viktoria, Kirovohrad, Ukraine

My idea was to travel alone and then I met some people who told me about a network. So I created an account and scoped out what’s going on. That’s when I find a travel buddy I clicked with so well! We made plans for the trip, exchanged ideas and took off traveling together. We’ve been going on trips as dating companions ever since.

Sarah, Riohacha, Colombia

I’m a fan of travelling alone but after I found this site, it’s been just such a pleasure sharing my trips with a mate that it’s become a habit — I log on, share my itinerary and start chatting with people I’m interested in. Once the plans feel solid, we meet and start travelling together... and it’s magical! So simple, so quick – one of the best sites to find a mate.

Andreia Sofia, Lisbon, Portugal

This is a great travel network if you’ve ever looked for one - everyone knows what they’re talking about, where to go, what to see, what to eat, it’s all here! And everyone is hot and adventurous!

Colette, Bogotá, Colombia

Travel friends on the run! This site is just what I was looking for — sign up, put up your search preferences for a trip, meet buddies and travel... never thought it could be so simple to find people with similar interests and ideas AND people who want to travel to boot!

Alex, Dresden, Germany

I met the travel buddy of my dreams through the site. She’s young, adventurous and fun - everything I’ve ever dreamed of. If you’re looking for a great partner, search no more.

Miko, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines is my dream combination — it’s all about the travel, amazing hot women and finding the right partners and mates to set out on an adventure with. This is why I keep coming back for more…

Creasy, Tahkuranna, Estonia

All my travel companions have been marvelous. From Masha, who showed me all around her home town, to the last few gorgeous ladies and partners I went on trips with. They’re all well informed, know what’s going on and where we should be headed. What else could you ask for from a good romantic adventure trip?

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